Designing Splash Screen for Windows Phone Application [Guidelines and Checklist]

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After the collaboration of Microsoft and Nokia, Nokia Lumia Windows 8 phones are really in popular demand and so are the Windows 8 apps. There is an very large increase in Windows 8 app developers who are developing Windows 8 apps regularly. In this tutorial we will learn "How to design Splash Screen for Windows Phone Application"

Windows have certain Guidelines and Checklist which should be considered while designing the splash screen for Windows 8 application otherwise your application can be rejected by the Windows 8 app Store moderators.

How to Design Splash Screen For Windows Phone Application

  • Windows 8 phone application splash screen size 
  • Your splash screen consist of an image and a background both of which you can customize. When you are designing your splash screen it should contain an Background and an image on top of it. The background should be a solid background not any textured background. The image on top of the background should be only the logo of the Windows 8 phone application.

  • Create an extended splash screen so that you can complete additional tasks before showing your app's landing page. 
An extended splash screen is an optional screen that follows after the normal splash screen. You can use it to show a login form, or to show a loader while your application is initializing. Although the splash screen and extended splash screen should share the same design/layout to avoid abrupt transitions, an extended splash screen is not constrained to the same rules above.
Do use a loader icon as part of your
Extended Splash Screen
You can't add loading icon on your splash screen.

  • Don't use the splash screen or your extended splash screen to display advertisements.
  • Don't add Login Form as part of your Splash Screen. Don't ask for login details on the splash screen instead of that create an extended splash screen for Login Form.
No Login Form on Splash Screen
Login Form On Extended Splash Screen

  • Don't put any kind of website URL on your Splash Screen.
  • Don't put any kind of Version data like version 1.1 or 1.4 anything on the splash screen.
  • Don't include any text if it is not the part of you logo. 

Designing Splash Screen For Windows Phone Application

Windows Store will not accept your application if your Windows 8 Phone Application is not designed as per the above points. To be short and simple for the splash screen just create a solid color background with no texture and put your simple logo on it. No text, no logins, no loading nothing, only your logo. If you want to add those other stuff like Login Screen and loading icon try the extended splash screen concept.

I have designed many Windows 8 Phone Applications and 2 of them were specially mentioned by Microsoft on their Facebook page for the Splash Screen.


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