Reduce Adobe Photoshop PSD Files Size by 75% Without Deleting Anything

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Reduce Adobe Photoshop PSD Files By 75%Adobe Photoshop is one of the best designing software out there, so many people use Adobe Photoshop that now even the clients demand for the PSD files sometimes. But sending PSD files in emails, ohh man I wish PSD files were smaller in size. Today I will tell you how you can reduce Adobe Photoshop PSD Files Size to mail to your client or just to simply put in your computer.Reduce Adobe Photoshop PSD Files Size by 75%

How to Reduce Adobe Photoshop PSD Files Size by 75%

The first thing you need to check for is that if your PSD files have any extra layers? There are sometimes hidden layers which are of no use, delete them. Keep only those layers which are making the design possible. 

Next when you have got all the layers after deleting junk layers, make every layer hidden or you can simply put everything in a group and make it hidden and save the file. Doing this would have reduced the size of the PSD file by 30%

For the extra 45% reduction of the file size, compress the file with Win RAR or any other file compressor and then see the magic.

You can now send the PSD file as a mail attachment or upload anywhere easily. It is small in size with all the layers and everything. 


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